Sunday, April 18, 2010

April/May Crafts

Wire ribbon headbands(includes headband and ribbon)- $Includes headband or alligator clip, ribbon for your flower, ribbon to line the headband, “bling” for the center.

Flower Clip/Headband

Chore Cans- $5.oo(paper provided) 10.00 completed

Are you tired of trying to get your kiddos to do their chores… seriously this is the perfect and easy solution. Chores to do and chores all done get your little ones motivated to clean out the can.

Chore Cans will come with paper, custom tongue depressors with words and coordinating pictures, “bling.” YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE YOUR OWN CANS. SMALLER SIZES WORK BETTER (15 oz) unless you pay for the completed version.

The following are the chores included in your order-
make bed, pick up clothes (boy and girl), brush teeth, brush teeth, say prayers, pick up toys, pick up books, sort laundry, unload dishwasher, piano, homework, vacuum, wash windows, take out trash, smile (boy and girl), 5 minute pickup, mop, collect eggs, feed animals, scriptures, water flowers

Chore Cans

Happy Birthday Blocks - $12.00 unfinished $17.00 finished
Blocks are 7 inches, 6 inches, and 5 inches tall. Craft includes paint colors as shown, or can be all black with white vinyl or chocolate brown with white vinyl. Also hooks for the top (to tie balloons to).

Happy Birthday Blocks

Glass Etching $3.00 per vinyl stencil

Please let us know the name you want on the stencil and also the shape (star, flower, heart or another symbol.

Glass Etching Vinyl Stencil

Glass Pendant $7.00 unfinished $12.00 finished
You will receive one chain and one pendant for the $7.00.

Glass Pendant with Chain